We need to protect workers’ pensions

Courtesy of Canadian Labour Congress

We all want financial security for our families and ourselves when we retire. But for too long we have seen companies pay creditors or pay out bonuses to executives after declaring bankruptcy — while workers wait at the back of the line. It is time our government puts workers and pensioners before big banks and CEOs.

By protecting pensions, we can restore fairness for workers and pensioners and provide financial security and peace of mind to millions of families.

Together we can urge senators to pass the pension protection bill. We know you’re busy so we’ve drafted the letter for you — all you have to do is hit SEND.


Courtesy of Canadian Labour Congress

When workers unite, they make things better for everyone. That’s why unions were created to stand up together for fair wages, safe workplaces and decent work hours. There are millions of union members in Canada who know that by standing together, they can accomplish great things for themselves and all workers.