A sad day for Canadian Aerospace

A sad day for Canadian Aerospace

A sad day for Canadian Aerospace

Bombardier announces 2,500 layoffs in Québec

Montréal, QC – “This comes as a complete shock and surprise to the IAM, we had no prior knowledge of this action,” said IAM Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall regarding Bombardier announcement today of 5,000 layoffs worldwide including 2,500 in Québec.

“The biggest frustration is that once again Bombardier has announced major cuts just before Christmas with very few details,” explained IAM Québec Coordinator David Chartrand. “Just who is impacted by these layoffs, we have almost 20,000 people in Québec working for Bombardier and that’s 20,000 people with question marks in their mind. This is unfortunate and distressing. This is not the way to improve relations between employer and employee.”

The layoffs are part of restructuring by Bombardier which includes selling their Q 400 Turboprop aircraft program, and its business aircraft flight and technical training unit to Montréal based CAE. Bombardier says the measures will result in $250 million in annual savings.

With little in the way of exact details regarding the layoffs, IAM members can take solace in a reciprocal agreement between Bombardier and C-Series/Airbus consortium. “The IAM had great foresight in negotiating this agreement which permits our members with bargaining rights to transfer their employment between Bombardier and Airbus where we represent the workers,” explained IAM Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall. “While this announcement comes as a complete surprise, this agreement provides our members with better protection than others impacted by the layoffs.”

“The move is mystifying because Bombardier is hiring in some programs and the aerospace industry is suffering a lack of manpower,” explained Chartrand. With forecasts of 30,000 jobs needed in the next seven years in the aerospace industry Chartrand is not too worried but he has questions. “Where is Bombardier going with their commercial program? They seem to be getting rid of their commercial series. Given the massive subsidies Bombardier gets from the provincial and federal governments, certain guarantees to maintain jobs for a certain number of years should have been included.”

It is not known what impact this announcement will have on the next round of collective bargaining between the IAM and Bombardier which is slated to begin within a few weeks. “We will be pushing hard on the Union’s agenda and will be working with our members to preserve employment and build strong middle class careers in this sector,” said Pickthall.

PAC Meeting at District 78

On Saturday, a Political Action Meeting was held at IAM District 78 offices. The meeting was well attended, with several Locals and Districts represented. Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall and several staff from the Canadian Office ensured the meeting had an Ontario-wide perspective. The primary objective of the PAC meeting was to define an ongoing and consistent strategy of communicating with the IAM membership and their communities in the political process.

Attendees went away feeling that they had made some great movement in developing that strategy. Hopefully, if the IAM can deliver a consistent, to the point message, our members will have a better understanding of issues that could affect the working lives of themselves, and/or their families. We hope that everyone who attended this meeting, can reach out and talk to some other potential political activists, and bring those members out to our next PAC meeting on Saturday, January 12, 2019

IAM’s Bagwell Honored by Metal Trades Department

For those of us who have been fortunate enough to have attended Henry’s class at the WWW center, we know how deserving he is of this award. His class is never boring and always keeps you engaged with his unique style of teaching. Congrats Henry!

October 16, 2018

IAM Education Representative Henry Bagwell was recently presented with the prestigious Chico McGill Award by the AFL-CIO Metal Trades Department.

The award recognizes trade unionists who exhibit the strength, fortitude and commitment of the late Chico McGill, a former IBEW member and officer who was known as an outspoken advocate for working people.

“This is a great honor for me,” said Bagwell, who met McGill after being introduced by IAM Government Employees Director Jim Price several years ago. “There are many people in this room who have mentored me. If you can pay it forward and mentor somebody, I think that’s one of the greatest gifts we have as trade unionists.”

Bagwell, a 33-year IAM member, served previously as president of the Amarillo, TX Metal Trades Council. He helped develop and implement training for the Metal Trades Department while working at the Winpisinger Center and serving as a personal mentor to many members.

“Henry’s influence on this union, our membership and the labor movement as a whole cannot be overstated,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. “We are so grateful for what he does for Machinists Union members every day and I congratulate him on this high honor.”

Bagwell initiated into IAM Local 1255 in Amarillo, TX in 1985. There he served in multiple roles, including steward, alternative steward and chief steward. He also served as an associate instructor for the Center for Workers Health and Safety for more than 15 years. Since 2006, Bagwell has been a member-favorite instructor at the IAM’s Winpisinger Center.

“If you pass through one of Henry’s classes, you are now better prepared to represent your workers,” said Jimmy Hart, President of the Metal Trades Department. “Henry is one those guys who will feel your pain, but won’t just pat you on the back. He’ll help you solve your problems.”

Bagwell holds an associate’s degree in radiologic technology from Amarillo College and a bachelor’s degree in occupational education from Wayland University.

News from the North Bay and District Labour Council

Until Mr. Fedeli and the PC caucus introduces legislation that takes the legally scheduled bump to $15 away from those who need it most, nothing has changed. If anything, the ‘Hands Off Our Rights’ campaign needs greater support by contacting MPP Fedeli to say, “leave the ESA alone, two thirds Nipissing residents need it to pay for the rising costs of living.” Send a letter, make an appointment to speak personally, send an email, all actions you can do to to Mr. Fedeli ‘Hands off’. Click here to send a form letter to your MPP.
‘Wear it and share it’ the Day After
If and when the PCs introduce anti-worker legislation to strip the bump to $15 or claw back changes to bill 148, the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, please wear your union best and put on a $15 and Fairness sticker or button!
“What we’re looking at is the minister making an announcement about something that they are planning to do, but until an MPP like Mr. Fedeli has an opportunity to put his hand up to say, ‘No, I agree or disagree with a bill that repeals Bill 148 and the minimum wage change, nothing has changed.” Jared Hunt, North Bay Labour Baytoday  Read more reaction to Min Scott’s anti-people announcement. Nugget
Recent Action
Emergency Solidarity Meeting to talk collaborative strategy. The Emergency meeting last week was really amazing. The meeting room at OPSEU was filled with community and labour people. Folks had an opportunity to share perspectives about what we’re seeing coming out of Ford administration. There’s no question, Mr. Ford and Mr. Fedeli will stop at nothing to push their neo-liberal agenda. The group resolved to stay focused on speaking to community and government in strategic and intelligent ways. The next meeting, for example, will involve letter writing training and mapping allyship of the Nipissing region. Stay tuned.
Read Shawn Moreton’s letter to the editor here Shawn attended the meeting.
Rally for Rights, a huge success!
A group of very concerned Amelia Rising agency workers, lead by Mary White, organized a rally to stand against the recent Ford Government changes to the Health and Physical Education curriculum and Ford’s claw-back of planned writing sessions for Indigenous curriculum. The Friday lunch time rally was an excellent way for people to voice their concerns about serious equity and social issues. Mr. Fedeli appears to be in full support of Ford’s far-right neo-lieral agenda. Mr. Fedeli stands in full contrast to the majority of Nipissing constituents. After the rally, Mary and a few others delivered 45 signed letters to the desk of our MPP.
What’s your local doing to help?
All year long local unions and bargaining units find important ways to give back to the community. Local leaders and rank and file members give back because its the right thing to do, but they don’t always share these success stories. What’s your local doing? We’d like to hear from you to feature a story about the amazing social justice and charitable work your members do everyday. Let us know and we’ll share through our social media, email, and other communicative means. Unions are an amazing force in the community, let’s show this. Below are a few examples of the important work locals do to help members and their communities.
UNIFOR Local 103 supports P.L.A.Y.S.

P.L.A.Y.S. is a locally and 100% charitably driven organization that helps families with autistic children enjoy fun gatherings throughou the year. UNIFOR local 103 is a proud sponsor of many activities, including the annual Glow in the Dark golf event, the annual Open Your Heart to Autism Gala. UNIFOR local 103 members take part in awareness activities and generally lend volunteer time to PLAYS events. This coming Saturday, for example, is a fun rock concert at the Capitol Centre in North Bay called Rock for PLAYS. Two famous tribute bands, Saturday Night Special and Heart of Gold go head to head in a fun classic rock filled night of support for PLAYS. To learn more, visit the Capitol Theatre website here.

OPSEU Local 608 helps organize the Annual North Bay Terry Fox Run
Members of OPSEU local 608 take on an organizing role each year to help promote the Annual Terry Fox Run in the North Bay community. They do this because it’s important work, and leadership of OPSEU Local 608 supports the Terry Fox movement and encourages their members to be involved.
Annual Health and Safety Awards
It’s that time of year again, time to think about your health and safety champions. Please think about nominating a member who helps to build Health and Safety awareness in their work space. These representatives of the labour movement often work unseen, quietly attending meetings, keeping an eye on the workspace for everyone. Health and Safety reps are vital to every union and their contribution is worthy of honour and celebration.
The 2017 Health and Safety Awards Dinner. Janice Martell, founder of the McIntyre Power Project was our amazing guest speaker.


IAM Charters New Local for 2,400 Canadian Healthcare Workers

IAM International President Bob Martinez meets with newly chartered Local Lodge 1231 President Merry St. Bernard.


Four interim executive officers and 23 stewards attending leadership training class this week took part in a historic event by signing the new charter for IAM Local Lodge 1231 at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD. The newly chartered local is made up of more than 2,400 home healthcare workers employed by Spectrum Healthcare.

IAM International President Bob Martinez, General Secretary Treasurer Dora Cervantes, IAM Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall and IAM Grand Lodge Representatives Ralph Martin and Scott Jackson witnessed the signing.

IAM General Secretary-Treasurer Dora Cervantes observes as Stewards sign the charter for the newly formed Local Lodge 1231.

Martinez also took the opportunity to administer the Oath of Office to the new interim executive officers of Local Lodge 1231 and all of the Stewards attending this week.

“It is a rare occasion to charter a lodge this large, and watch our founding members sign a charter that will be in place forever,” said Martinez. “By joining the IAM you’re taking a big step toward a better life.”

“We are pleased and privileged to have these new members at our training center,” said Pickthall. “They’re here to learn how to do their best to represent their membership and our training center provides the best Union education in the world.”

IAM Canada General Vice President Stan Pickthall congratulates one of the new Stewards of IAM Local 1231.

Health care workers at Spectrum include more than 2,000 Personal Support Workers and 400 Registered Nurses were organized by the IAM in March of this year. They provide home health care across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).