IAM Distric 78 Arbitration Award

IAM District 78 News | April 21, 2020
Arbitration Award
This good news is from late last year, but we think it’s worth sharing. IAM District 78 arbitrated a Local 3111 members grievance. The grievance concerned whether a member, Bilan Arte, had a right to receive transportation expenses, as defined in the Collective Agreement. After hearing the case, the Arbitrator found in favour of the IAM, and resulted in the grievor being entitled to over $6,500 in expenditures. IAM Representative Jim Snider stated that, “this was a big win for Bilan and for Local 3111. The Local committee refused to settle for anything less than what Bilan was entitled to.”
Proud IAM member, Bilan, who works at the Canadian Labour Congress, understands the value of belonging to the IAM, and is pictured above at the IAM 2019 Women’s Conference.   


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